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General Information

Biohumus (humus, vermicompost, wormcompost) is an organic fertilizer that is used for the restoration and improvement of soil parameters. It contains a number of necessary items for plant growth: nutrients, trace elements, enzymes, soil antibiotics, vitamins, growth hormones, and also 24 amino acids and nutritive microflora (up to 20 billion colonies per 1g of substance).


Effective complex fertilizer


Growth promoter


Soil improver and resuscitator


are substances used to improve plant nutrition, soil properties and increase yields. They are generally divided into 2 groups: mineral (nitrogen, phosphorus, various mixtures) and organic (vermicompost, peat, humus, etc.). Organic use is better for the soil as this type of fertilizer is natural and has a milder, optimum effect)


Biohumus (wormcompost, vermicompost) is a substance of black or dark brown color with a granular structure and fresh soil smell. It is a product of processing organic waste by worms in symbiosis with other soil organisms. 

It is an organic fertilizer that increases taking roots by plants, protects them from diseases, influences plant growth and provides early high-quality harvesting. 

Vermicompost by Fit Land™does not contain pathogenic microflora, helminth eggs, and viable weed seeds. Cleaning is guaranteed by the thermophilic process of composting and passing through the worm’s digestive tract. Biohumus has neutral pH and helps to restore soil water balance. It has a prolonged effect and brings a positive effect on soil quality for a long time, maintaining and improving its properties. Vermicompost is also easily absorbed by plants throughout their life cycle. That’s why it can be used for any plants in agriculture to increase crop capacity and growing organic products.

Product features:

  • restores natural soil fertility
  • binds heavy metals and radionuclides, neutralizes their impact
  • minimizes plants’ ability to accumulate nitrates
  • provides strengthening of plant immunity
  • reduces the time of seed germination
  • stimulates growth and fluorescence
  • decreases plants illnesses
  • increases germination of seeds to the maximum level
  • is an organic fertilizer allowed to use in producing organic products
  • provides fungicidal and insecticidal effects
  • restores soil water balance

Fit Land TM Biohumus by Smart Agro Trend LLC:

  • production capacity – up to 5 000 tons/a year (15 tons/a day)
  • vermicompost fertilizers, standardized and certified
  • blends customized for the needs of specific culture at a customer’s request
  • strict adherence to storage standards, temperature, and humidity
  • innovative, organic and science-intensive production
  • focus on producing wholesale consignments with customized recipes option