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General information

Romanov sheep are one of the most fertile sheep breeds. The main production type is sheep for breeding, that are used to provide meat.

70 kg

is an average weight of an adult sheep

140-170 g

average weight increase per day

6-8 lambs

a year – birth-giving by one sheep


Romanov sheep are one of the most fertile breeds. On sheep gives birth to 2-3 lambs are twice a year. 

These sheep are capable of reproduction year-round. They also have a shorter period of fetal birth than other breeds. They are ready for reproduction in 4 months age. 

The live weight is 65-90 kg for adult rams and 45-50 kg for uterus. The breed has fairly high meat productivity. An average weight increase per day is 140-170 g. Worth to mention that Romanov sheep meat has no specific smell like other breeds.  

As for the wool, 2.5–3 kg of it is got from the rams and 1.2–1.5 kg from the uterus. The wool is used mostly for technical needs, but it has high quality and allows it to be used in the production of fillers and felt. 

Sheep give 140-150 kg of milk per 100 days (1.3-1.4 kg per day) with the appropriate level of feeding.

Romanov sheep
(features of the breed):

  • High fertility (giving birth to 2-3 lambs every 6 months)
  • Shorter pregnancy period
  • Compact size
  • High meat production
  • Meat without specific smell that allows wide use in cooking
  • 140-170 grams of live weight gain per day
  • Prominent milk-producing up to 1,5 kg of milk per day

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  • the most fertile breed that gives 2 or more births a year

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